Universities should refund money to the budget for low-quality specialists – Narikbayev

In accordance with the Sputnik news agency, Talgat Narikbayev, Head of the Adal Bilim Anti-Corruption Project Office of the Ministry of Education and Science of Kazakhstan, Chairman of the Board of KAZGUU University proposed to introduce university responsibility in Kazakhstan for low-quality training of specialists.
According to him, there is now a need in Kazakhstan to revise the procedure for grant financing. In particular, according to the practice of pedagogical and medical universities, there is a need to bind by a commitment those graduates who have studied at the expense of the state to work out in the region where there is a shortage of specialists, including in villages and towns.
‘When analyzing, we have found that state national universities also have a tendency not to have a competition as such. Students get ‘A’s and ‘B’s, very rarely get ‘C’s, and don’t get ‘F’s at all. The majority of students finish their studies. 100 people come in the first year, 90-95 people graduate. These 5-10 people are people who left voluntarily. As a result, the state receives a lot of graduates with poor preparation, and we get a lot of graduates with high self-esteem, graduates who do not go to work as employers don’t accept them because of poor preparation,’ – said the University’s Rector.
As a solution to the problem, Talgat Narikbayev proposed to refer to the responsibility of universities for the quality of specialists, up to and including the return of public money to the state.
A proposal on the responsibility of universities is now under consideration by the Ministry of Education.

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