How to start university studies before graduation?

The pace of modern life makes it impossible to live slowly. Young people are especially in a hurry, as they have a lot to do – to get an education, find a good job, or open a business, to get married. All this takes time, and many people don’t have enough of it. The value of time has increased significantly. Given the realities of the modern world, M. Narikbayev KAZGUU University has created the ‘Bachelor’s Program for High School Students’ so that students could master basic subjects even now.
The program will allow students to finish their university studies earlier than their peers. Students receive knowledge from certified teachers, graduates of the world’s leading universities with great practical experience. This is a good opportunity for a student to plunge into the academic environment, get to know students, and spend time profitably. In the future, upon admission to KAZGUU, the credits taken during this program will be accepted and transferred.
Zhukenova Dilnaz, ‘Psychology in Business’, 11th – grade student, School No. 6, Nur-Sultan: ‘I, Zhukenova Dilnaz, studied at the Pre-Bachelor’s program at KAZGUU University, and this allowed me to understand a lot about the life of higher education institutions, including what kind of profession I want to choose, how students are taught, to feel out student life, traditions, and rules of university life, where I wish to study in the future.
In the process of my study, I liked the teachers – ‘craft professionals’. They did not divide us into the first, second, third, and fourth – year students, they treated everyone the same way, giving us the right to self-expression. Friendly students helped in our studies and were glad to see us as students.
The Pre-Bachelor’s Program is a great opportunity for many students to find out what lies ahead, a great springboard to prepare for a new step in your life. Today, KAZGUU is the only university providing such resources. Providing such an opportunity for high school students, KAZGUU shows that they are happy to accept any young people seeking knowledge!’
Ebengapass Yelnar, ‘Applied Linguistics’, 11th – grade student, School No. 3, Nur-Sultan: ‘Studying under the Pre-Bachelor program, I learned a lot for a few months, got additional knowledge, met new people. Of course, I got the experience of studying at the university, thanks to the teacher who taught me. I think in the future, after graduation, it will be easy for those who studied under this program to join the student body, and there will be no difficulties adapting to the university.’
Kenzhegulov Azat, ‘Entrepreneurship’, KILC College, 3rd year of study, Nur-Sultan: ‘For three months of my studies under the ‘Pre-Bachelor’ program, I learned to be responsible and focused on results.
It was interesting for me to study with freshmen – with smart and hardworking guys. The main advantage of this program is that you can get acquainted with student life much earlier than your peers. Within the program, I chose 3 subjects: Modern History of Kazakhstan, Philosophy, and English. The lessons were intensive and informative. What I liked most of all is the Canvas system, the professionalism of the teachers and, most importantly, the magical atmosphere of KAZGUU.’
Zhylkyshbaeva Aiym, ‘Management’, 11th – grade student, School No. 72, Nur-Sultan: ‘This course has given me a lot. Unlike my peers, I already imagine what it means to be a student. The program of the Pre-Bachelor course exceeded all my expectations. By the end of the course, I realized that I want to get a brilliant education with the M. Narikbayev KAZGUU University.’
The university offers two areas of study:

1) Basic curriculum (general subjects)
2) Main curriculum (major subjects)

Form of study: full-time / distance during the quarantine period (studies take place together with the first-year students).
Start of classes:
– summer semester from June 17 to July 08, 2020,
– fall semester from September 01, 2020.
Applications for the summer semester are accepted until June 01, 2020

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