HSE KAZGUU International Cooperation with universities of Europe, Asia, and the USA

International programs allow students to study for a semester, a year, or 2 years at top universities around the world.
KAZGUU offers the Double Degree Program, which allows students to receive a diploma from a top university abroad. Besides, this program indicates that our educational program is consistent and developed under international standards.
The benefits of this program – being a student of KAZGUU, you will ease the process of getting the opportunity to study abroad, save your financial resources (Partners offer free one-year programs or good discounts for education fees, due to our partnership) and as a result, you will receive 2 diplomas. Of course, you should meet the high academic requirements and knowledge of a foreign language.

Academic Mobility Program:
Each year, more than 100 students from HSE study at universities in Europe and Asia. Today, we have more than 32 partners around the world.
ERASMUS + Scholarship Programs provide an opportunity to study in Europe for a semester for free and receive a scholarship at the same time.
The MEVLANA program allows studying for a semester or a year at the university of Turkey
HSE KAZGUU faculty members gain international teaching experience through the Erasmus + program

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